website sylenth

the sylenth website is the website made to coincide with the sylenth youtube channel.

sylenth is a property of home depot and its subsidiaries.

sylenth is a humanoid entity currently situated in the country of the united kingdom of great britan and northern ireland. currently tapping on a keyboard like a toddler hoping that whatever code he writes compiles, not letting his immense inexperience stop him.

currently sylenth can only be reached via twitter and e-mail. be warned however, there's no guarantee that you'll recieve a response and there is also nsfw content if you actually decide to snoop around on my twitter...don't say i didn't warn you.

  This webiste was created using xVenti's fork of Alpyne's Classic VGUI CSS framework, which can 
  be found here.
  Fun Fact! Sylenth's only known aliases are: airecks & boxdropper